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全球中国批发网 提供免费发布求购信息/供求信息服务。


此网站主要以英语为主。 如果您需要我们免费的中译英服务, 请E-mail 到


China Office:
ZhongZe Lu, #527, Suite 402, Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, China
Country/Region: China
Telephone:86-579-5558247 (YiWu, ZheJian, China, Chinese Speaking, Contact Person - Yang San Biao)
Cell Phone: 86-13516956440 (YiWu, ZheJian, China, Chinese Speaking, Contact Person - Yang San Biao)

USA Office: Seattle, Wa, United States
Canada Office: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Telephone: 1-778-846-8402 ( Chinese, English Speaking, Contact Person - Peter Yang)

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